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 SunPack plotting

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PostSubject: SunPack plotting   SunPack plotting EmptySat Jan 29, 2011 6:16 pm

Starmoon cheats on Deathwing with Jaggedrock then Death's older sis comes (played by rain) and Star thinks she's Death's mate and star threatens Death and Death steals pups. (i play pups)

List of Characters:

Shadowmoon ~ Leader of MoonPack - Sister of Darksnarl = She-wolf <> Black wolf with a white moon on her side, and amber eyes : Mates with Whitemoon of SpiritPack
Darksnarl ~ Warrior of MoonPack - Sister of Shadowmoon = She-wolf <> Black wolf with red eyes.
Emberwing ~ Warrior of MoonPack = He-wolf <> Orange and red wolf with amber eyes : Mates with Nightdemon
Jaguarpup ~ Pup of MoonPack/SpiritPack = She-wolf <> White with black, jaguar-like spots, and blue eyes.
Deathwing ~ Deputy of SunPack = He-wolf <> Black with red scars like chinks in armor, and orange eyes : Mates with Starmoon
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SunPack plotting
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