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 Rainstorm's Thing

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PostSubject: Rainstorm's Thing   Rainstorm's Thing EmptySat Jan 29, 2011 5:46 pm

Name: Rainy(night)
She-Wolf or He-Wolf: She-wolf
Age In Moons: 24
Rank(Besides Leader): Warrior
Personality: Aggressively sweet, is nice in a sarcastic fashion, can actually be rather sensitive.
Appearance: Rainstorm's Thing 1137943505_g_khaosdog
Origins: Moonpack
RP Sample:
Rainy pawed the snow, sniffing deeply for the scent of her prey. This rabbit would be her only meal for the day; if she didn't catch it, she'd starve. Rainy caught the rabbit's smell, and, shortly after, heard a scuffling. Tiptoeing through the snow, trying to avoid twigs and other dry plants, the white she-wolf padded up to where her ears and nose pointed her. Nosing aside the bushes, she saw it at last: dinner.
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PostSubject: Re: Rainstorm's Thing   Rainstorm's Thing EmptySat Jan 29, 2011 5:47 pm

Approved! :333

List of Characters:

Shadowmoon ~ Leader of MoonPack - Sister of Darksnarl = She-wolf <> Black wolf with a white moon on her side, and amber eyes : Mates with Whitemoon of SpiritPack
Darksnarl ~ Warrior of MoonPack - Sister of Shadowmoon = She-wolf <> Black wolf with red eyes.
Emberwing ~ Warrior of MoonPack = He-wolf <> Orange and red wolf with amber eyes : Mates with Nightdemon
Jaguarpup ~ Pup of MoonPack/SpiritPack = She-wolf <> White with black, jaguar-like spots, and blue eyes.
Deathwing ~ Deputy of SunPack = He-wolf <> Black with red scars like chinks in armor, and orange eyes : Mates with Starmoon
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Rainstorm's Thing
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