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 Whitefang's Leader Ceremony

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PostSubject: Whitefang's Leader Ceremony   Whitefang's Leader Ceremony EmptyThu Jan 27, 2011 5:22 pm

Whitefang stopped at the waterfall, taking a moment to embrace the moment. It...has brought me to this. All the hardships...have rewarded me with this. He took a step forward, and then another, and he reluctantly padded into the cave. He lied down in a comfortable position, and stared a the water. What I am about to experience....will change me forever. He closed his eyes, and lapped up the cold water, and fell asleep.

His first life came from his brother, Brokentooth. It was of strength to withstand the weight of life itself.
His second life came from his friend, Redstep. It was of courage, to look your fear in the eye and to stand strong.
His third life came from Raggedfoot, the old Medicine wolf. It was of healing, to bind wounds and to heal hearts.
His fourth life came from Heatherfur, his sister. It was of levity and enthusiasm, to lift downed spirits and to lighten moods.
His fifth life came from Stone, an old loner he'd met on his exile. It was of determination and endurance, to face a journey and win a battle.
His sixth life came from Littlepebble, his brother who died at birth. It was of hope, to continue on and keep believing.
His seventh life came from Jaylight, his caretaker as a pup. It was of mentoring and decepline, to teach those ignorant to become great.
His eighth life came from Silverpool, his mother. It was of faith and love, to hold on to the things you love, but also to let go.
His final life came from Longmoon, his father. It was of leadership, wisdom and compassion, to lead Spiritpack well.

"Hail you new name, Whitemoon. You will be a light to Spiritpack, and I always believe in you." The other spirits began to chant. "Whitemoon! Whitemoon! Whitemoon..." Their voices began to fade, and Whitemoon woke up. He scrabbled to is paws, and staggered to the opening of the cave. He cast one, long glance back at it, and left, for Spiritpack.
His pack.
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Whitefang's Leader Ceremony
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