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 Starmoon's Alpha Cerrimony

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Starmoon's Alpha Cerrimony Empty
PostSubject: Starmoon's Alpha Cerrimony   Starmoon's Alpha Cerrimony EmptyThu Jan 27, 2011 4:23 pm

Starsong lied down in the cave and drank the water,felling into sleep...

9 wolves appered,all she knew,and each came up to bestow a gift

1. I give you stregth
2. I give you courage
3. I give you love
4. I give you justice
5. I give you wisdom
6. I give you peace
7. I give you never-ending hope
8. I give you happyness
9. I give you leadership
"go now,Starmoon,lead your pack!" the 9th voice said,and she woke up...
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Starmoon's Alpha Cerrimony
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