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 SoulClan's First Deputy

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PostSubject: SoulClan's First Deputy   Sat Jan 29, 2011 11:28 am

"Join me at Ivy's Pool for a Pack meeting!" Soulmoon howled the call as loud as she could. She jumped onto the ledge that everyone called Ivy's Ledge. This part of the camp had plenty of ivy, & these places were called Ivy's ____ because Soulmoon wished it for her sister. "It is time to announce the SoulPack Deputy! I say these words before all of Aurora Lights, so they may hear & approve my choice. The deputy of SoulPack will be Jake! This meeting is over." She ran over to Jake, who was standing proudly on the other side of Ivy's Ledge. "Now we are truly a pack. Now we can truly be a family, Jake," whispered Soulmoon. "I know, Soulmoon. a lot of things have changed since we were pups," he barked.
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SoulClan's First Deputy
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