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 Shadowhaze's Nine Lives

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PostSubject: Shadowhaze's Nine Lives   Thu Jan 27, 2011 4:20 pm

Shadowhaze padded into the cave behind the waterfall. She lied down and lapped up some water. She fell into a deep sleep.

Nine wolves she knew approached her in her sleep.

1. Her mother, Icefang, gave her loyalty.
2. Her father, Tigereye, gave her strength.
3. Her brother, Moonwing, gave her wisdom.
4. Her friend, Emberheart, gave her swiftness.
5. Her uncle, Jayflight, gave her justice.
6. Her aunt, Grovetail, gave her compassion.
7. Her sister, Cloveash, gave her love.
8. Her mate, Darkclaw, gave her perserverance.
9. Her pup, Lunapup, gave her protection.

After she had gained her lives, the wolves voices blended together, and said, "We now hail you by your new name, Shadowmoon. Use your lives wisely and for the good of your pack." they faded away, and Shadowmoon woke beside the Waterfall Pool.
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Shadowhaze's Nine Lives
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